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About Sennett Tackle

Sennett Tackle was founded by Ty Sennett.  Ty has put his many years of musky catching experience to work and has made a fine line of PROVEN Muskie catching topwater baits.  The baits have been tested on many waters throughout the world and have caught many trophy muskies wherever they have been used.  The Pacemaker is Sennett’s signature bait.  It is a blade bait that has a unique sound created by the positioning of the middle hook to constantly “click” against the brass tail with each rotation.  Other Sennett Tackle products include the Rough Runner, a unique globe bait that creates a distinct sound due to its three piece design, and the Stillwater which is a topper style bait that works great in both choppy and calm conditions.

In the Spring of 2012, Drifter Tackle purchased Sennett Tackle from Ty and his wife Rachel.  Ty and Rachel will continue to remain heavily involved with Drifter Tackle moving forward into the future.  With Drifter Tackle manufacturing his awesome baits, Ty now has the time to do what he does best…fishing.

Ty will continue to work on designing new products, and also remain intimately involved with all decisions regarding the Sennett line.  It is the ultimate goal of Ty and Rachel to see Sennett Tackle continue to grow into a brand that puts more fish in boats year after year.

For Drifter, Sennett Tackle fits into its family of brands seamlessly.  “While we have great topwater baits in the Musky Mania’s Doc and Lil’ Doc, Drifter Tackle was in need of a greater variety of topwater lures in our lineup,” explains Zach Stechschulte, Drifter Tackle’s National Sales Manager.  “For Drifter Tackle, the Sennett acquisition is a tremendous opportunity we feel for both parties involved.  Drifter is able to add proven and successful topwater baits into our lineup without overlapping with the Doc and Lil’ Doc products.  For Ty and Rachel, we feel that we can help them grow Sennett Tackle and offer Ty the time and ability to do what he does best, and that is fishing and creating new products.”

The entire line of Sennett Tackle fishing lures are handmade and adjusted to fish perfectly the minute you buy them.  You won’t go wrong, we guarantee it!  Just as with all Drifter products, Sennett Tackle’s baits will continue to be made 100% in the United States.